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    2020 in Chelgerd Ski Resort (Kuhrang), Iran Central

    Known as the roof of Iran, Chaharmahal-Va-Bakhtiari is among the smaller provinces in the country. It contains elevated mountains that contain Zagros Mountain Range and therefore popular for snowy spots. Though it is located almost at the central part of Iran, it heavily snows annually. For example, Kuhrang County is covered with the whiteness of snow most of the year. Given this fact, Kuhrang has been home to one of the popular ski resorts in Iran, that is, Chelgerd (also known as Kuhrang). This is where Iran showcases its paradoxical weather, for Chelgerd ski resort is freezing while at the same time, there is a desert less than 2000 km where it is sunny and breezy. As Chelgerd is too cold and mountainous, Chelgerd ski resort seems appropriate to provide a joyful day of skiing in Iran.

    Kuhrang ski resort is located 85km away from Shahrekord (the capital city of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari). In fact the attractions of this province does not limit to snowfall and its ski resort. It is almost indescribable how colorful the province is and how much natural wonders could be found in the region. Of most significance, Shakrekord has embraced the largest nomad tribes in Iran who have long been creative in establishing communicative ways to connect different villages during heavy snowfall that blocks road accessibility. During summer, you will be mesmerized by the fritillaries plain that appears eternal. In autumn, eye-catching nomad tribes start migrating which grabs attentions from all over the world. Winter, next to spring, provides ski over the high peaks of Zardkooh and strolling in chilly weather.

    Chelgerd Ski Resort (Kuhrang)

    Chelgerd ski resort is 800m long with a steep of 20%. The sunny days of the region in winter, interestingly enough, has made this resort to be populated in the Zagros area. Asphalted roads have initiated easy access to the resort. Of course, Kuhrang resort is much smaller yet less equipped compared to Tehran resorts, one cannot take it for granted because there are staples in the resort including Koohrang Hotel, and the parking area. The only distinctive issue is that the chairlifts are female-segregated. In other words, there are two chairlifts each specified to a single sex. Also, you will see another lift dedicated to trainees. Chelgerd ski resort plays an important role in the region’s tourism boom and many tourists travel to Kuhrang in winter to take advantage of the resort’s facilities.

    It is greatly recommended to visit Kuhrang waterfall and tunnel which carries melted snow to Zayandeh Rud River in Isfahan.

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