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    Nesar Ski Resort – West of Iran (2020)

    Kordestan is a province in western Iran where the kurds, well-known for being courageous and hospitable live. Beside its nice people, Kurdestan is home to beautiful natural and historical attractions including Zarivar (Zaribar) Lake, the amazing Palangan Village and Ouramant. Nevertheless, there is a ski resort roughly close to the capital of the province, Sanandaj.

    Getting there

    Located in Bijar, Nesar ski resort (also called Bijar ski resort) is 142km away from Sanandaj. If you head there from Tehran, it take nearly 5 hours to pass the distance between Tehran and Nesar Ski Resort that is 443 kilometers. To get there in Bijar, the Tehran West Bus Station provides services with every hour departures between 7AM to 8PM. Also, check the bus price with us for 2020.

    Nesar Ski Resort


    During winter, the snow greatly covers the mountains of Nesar Kuh. It is extended almost 112 hectares compelling for both amateur and professional skiers. Amenities included in the resort are a cable car, a gondola, the ski school, a parking lot, a hotel and a coffeeshop. It also runs a few lifts up the side of Nesar Kuh.

    Compared to other ski resorts in Iran, Nesar entrance fees are much more reasonable as the resort is located within the city not the outside. Also, there is the possibility of hiring all gears at the site.  Furthermore, you will find the Nesar Ski Resort with several professional instructors for you to teach how to ski. The teaching fee for 10 session training has been roughly 1,000,000 IRR for 2019 and you might check this out with us for 2020. Female instructors are also available at the ski school. In terms of accommodation, the only available hotel is Bam-e Iran Hotel which is located in Imam Ali Boulevard, Bijar.

    Note that it has a 2 hectare grass ski resort for summer as well.

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