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November to April

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    Why you should Skip Alps to Dizin ski resort

    You might have read articles entitled “Ten Reasons Why You Should Skip the Alps and Ski in Iran” by New York Post or “Could Tehran (Yes, Tehran) Be the Next Aspen?” by Vogue. Iran is a mountainous country with numeral peaks above 4000 thousand meters which have made this country as one of the best winter destinations for the ski lovers.

    Furthermore, the remarkably largest ski resort, i.e. Dizin belongs to Iran, in the whole Middle East. In addition, you could well afford a ski tour in Iran either on large budget or cheap. Dizin provides you one of the best ski areas in Iran to enjoy skiing with your family and friends.

    Ski resorts are among the unique places to provide us with recreational activities and winter sports. So, it seems wise to choose one in which we do not discomfort and in which we feel free to enjoy the coldness of winter and the whiteness of snow under the sunlight. Some kilometers away from Tehran, you get rid of pollution while snow whiteness and fresh air cater you instead. In Iran, Dizin comes top in list of the most popular resorts in terms of snow powder quality, ski amenities and après-ski, meaning that Dizin is up to standards and perhaps among the world-class ski resorts.

    Dizin Ski Resort

    Firstly, it is an exempt destination for cheerful and dynamic families, friendly circles and single individuals. Next, being almost a backcountry, Dizin offers more than 18km slopes and runs within 23 resorts in the large ski area, suitable for beginners and professional skiers. Good enough, amateur and professional resorts are separated in Dizin. Moreover, as mentioned above, tourists could simply afford skiing in this resort. Certainly, Dizin is also a safe ski area in terms of ski touring, ski mountaineering, snowboarding, randonnée and cross-country skiing.

    This ski resort contains high quality technical systems as well including 2 ski lifts (the highest ski lift in the country), 3 cable cars (télécabines), 7 dish Ski lift (teleski) and 1 hammer Ski lift. The quality of snow powder rivals that of Europe, too. There is a fun park off-resort in Dizin for those who are interested in getting together and are not going to ski. On the other side, the V.I.P resort of Dizin has its own fans. All in all, Dizin has been prepared for individuals with various tastes and interest.

    The best season to plan a ski travel to Iran has tentatively been considered mainly in autumn and winter usually from mid-December or January to the end of March or mid-April, depending on the climate; albeit Dizin is available in warmer seasons with grass skiing. Just make sure to check the weather and snow time before heading to the ski resorts in Iran.

    Dizin Ski Resort

    After making sure of the weather, you should know that the working hour in Dizin would be from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The prices for 2020 have not yet confirmed, so you should get informed before leaving for the ski resort. Should you come with your children, you might want to let them stay with children’s coach. Also, it is not necessary to have your equipment with you for in Dizin there is the possibility to hire the ski gear and skiing equipment, although they differ in terms of price. Remember that it costs you less on working days to visit and ski the site compared the weekend. Anyway, you and your friends or family enjoy a memorable full day skiing in Iran.

    Situated in the Hotel Dizin, Alborz range, Gajereh region, Dizin is one of the 40 highest ski resorts in the world having a ski lift which reaches to the height of 3600 meters. Dizin is also notable for being one of the most relaxing public places in Tehran where Iranian youth generation, in specific, congregate and socialize. Although there are other ski resorts in Tehran like Shemshak and Darbandsar, none would equal this site regarding the amenities, welfare and vastness. Besides, the International Ski Federation has approved the site’s standards for ski race and ski training, though it was established in 60s.




    Ski pass fees for Dizin Ski Resort in Winter (2019 – 2020)

    Type of Ticket Sat. to Wed Thur. & Fri (holidays)
    Skier 1.500.000 IRR 1.800.000 IRR
    Skier (under 12) 1.000.000 IRR 1.000.000 IRR
    Tele cabin Tourist 7.000.000 IRR 7.000.000 IRR

    *Currently, both routes to Dizin Ski Resort, namely Shemshak to Dizin & Chalus Road, are open and there is no problem for visitors to commute through them.

    Parking fee to enter from Shemshak is 200.000 IRR

    Skiers under 12 can only use Dizin piste if they are holding Ski Federation membership card.

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