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    Iran Grass Ski: A Lifetime Experience

    Melting snow into water does not mean that we need to wait for the next snowfall to step into the ski resorts. Think of grass skiing in summer! Whether you are down with keeping your muscles toned up or you long for finding a new exciting sport, then no doubt you should try grass skiing. It is the best way to ski all over a year when you are obsessed with releasing adrenaline and speed. Iran, on the other side seems to be a right destination to try grass skiing for some reasons. Firstly, Iran has embraced high mountainous areas in almost all the cities, including Tehran, Azerbaijan, and Fars to name a few. Secondly, this is a four-season country in which you can find grass and snow roughly the same time in different parts. For example, while it is snowy in the north, it gets windy in the south and no wonder if you find grass hills and mountains.

    Iran Grass Ski

    Where to Grass Ski in Iran?

    In Iran, Dizin ski resort is the most popular and the largest Iran Grass Ski as well as the initiative for alpine grass ski. Other standard international ski resorts including Tochal (Tehran), Darbandsar (Tehran), and Pooladkaf (Shiraz) serve grass skiing during warm seasons, as well. Comparing to Dizin, they might be less equipped for grass skiing, however it is highly recommended to avoid off-piste ski in other ski resorts.

    Iran Grass Ski

    Equipment for Grass Skiing

    Similar to alpine skiing equipment, grass skiing needs helmets, padding on knees, legs and elbows. Most of grass skis are tracked skis which are specifically designed to slide on grass slopes. They also enables you to ski at high speed.

    Like all around the world, grass skis are less expensive than alpine ones. Given the fact, you can easily manage your budget if you go on an economic trip to both visit Iran and its historical heritage and to spend some time experiencing your favorite physical exercise in another country.

    Iran Grass Ski

    Just make sure that equipment rental would be available at the resort before heading towards. More information about the opening of the iran grass ski resosrts will filter through as we get closer to spring and summer. You may follow us and get the info on our instagram account through @iran_traveling_center or over our websites and



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