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    Pooladkaf Ski Resort: An Already Ignored Attraction in Shiraz {2020}

    High mountain ranges are what most of Iranian cities have in common and are proud of, specifically at the time of snowy weather in fall and winter. Zagros and Alborz Mountain ranges have never ceased to show their highest white peaks all around Iran either in spring or winter. Yes! It might seem inexplicable to talk about a dry land serving you with sprawling regions covering with snow. This features Iran, a four-season country where you can experience desert and seas, hot and cold times, spring rainfall and snow at the same time. Heavy snowfalls have made Iran to establish extensive ski resorts either in northern or southern cities. From Alvares ski resort in north-west to Tehran and its numerous resorts to Shiraz in the south, each of the ski resorts has their own beauties and amenities. You can travel on a ski tour to take delight from various ski resorts and to see how Iranians enjoy their winter. Below is a brief introduction of Pooladkaf ski resort close to Shiraz, Fars Province.

    Being the second largest international ski resort in Iran, Pooladkaf is located 88 km away from Shiraz. Interestingly enough, there is a much beautiful and famous waterfall natural area, called Margoon, on the way to the ski resort. As Shiraz and its surrounding counties experience a four-season climate, it is no surprise that under the hot weather of spring and summer, Pooladkaf ski resort, is being reused to be a resort for grass skiing, as well.

    Pooladkaf Ski Resort

    Those who have skied in Dizin, Shemshak and Tochal, to name a few, have taken Pooladkaf for granted, as the resort is smaller in size than others and it might have failed to provide them with heavy snow in the long run. But the quality of snow powder, as well as the slopes seem to be quite suitable that have given Pooladkaf the potentiality to be an international resort. Besides, it is rather hard to ignore the services one can enjoy in an apres-ski day as well as its summer hobbies.

    Like other ski resorts in Iran, Pooladkaf provides facilities for the lovers of skiing, too. They include professional ski teachers, equipment rental, a cable car of 2km length, two gondolas, snowmobile, and eight snow motorcycles. On the other side, the resort serves you with karting piste, mountain cars, cyclist piste, horse-back riding, the large artificial lake with boating beside grass skiing, in spring and summertime.

    Pooladkaf Ski Resort

    An amazing part of ski program in Pooladkaf ski resort which competes that of Shemshak is night skiing. It should be engrossing to ski at night, taking pleasure at the silence of snowy mountains while you tackle with the dark chilly night.

    As the resort has been built about 2 hours from Shiraz, it is highly recommended to stay overnight at Pooladkaf 4-star hotel which not only caters you with Persian and international cuisine, but also allows you to have a peaceful night and sleep in the middle of the whiteness of the mountains. Pooladkaf Hotel allows us to celebrate a warm Yalda Night or even Nowrouz (Persian New Year) in the coldness of winter.

    Pooladkaf Ski Resort

    Things to do nearby: There are nomadic shelters in which you can chill out and feel like nomad lifestyle.


    • Height: 2850 meters above the sea level
    • Cable car: 2000 meters (takes around 11 min to reach the peak)
    • Highest peak: 3250 meters
    • Time table: 8:30 a.m. to 17 p.m.
    • Ski slopes: 12km
    • Possibility to off-piste (back country) ski


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