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    Alvares Ski Resort, Northwestern OF Iran

    Sarein and its pleasant hot water springs have been hosting numerous tourists from all over the world for years. But few have heard of the name of Alvares, which is a spectacular attraction in northwestern, Ardabil Province, Iran. This northwestern part of Iran is home to one of the most specific ski resorts, called Alvares and located over 2000 meters above the sea level. This marvelous village is only 12 kilometers from Sarein. Join us to fly over Sabalan Mountain to see this eye-catching cold village and its beautiful nature, especially if you go down with winter recreations.

    Alvares Ski Resort
    Geographical Location
    To reach Alvares you have to drive west and cross a steep-maze road. In the meantime, you come across magnificent landscapes full of poppies if you travel during spring or summer. Alvares is located 35km away from Ardabil and it is 2000 meters above the sea level. This feature has made Alvares to be a mountainous cold region. The village enjoys mild springs and summers but bears a tough coldness during winters. Since many years ago, the nomads have rusticated in Alvares pastures.

    Alvares Ski Resort
    Sarein is a county which is well-known for its natural hot water spring. The ski resort is embraced by the slope of Sabalan Mountains. To reach Alvares piste, you roughly need an hour window of driving through the snaky ascending road. Although the asphalted road is quite safe, make sure to take your ski equipment with you as you might find the ski resort still snowy.

    Alvares Ski Resort

    Alvares ski resort seem distinctive compared to other ski resorts in Tehran while it is considered as the second standard resort in Iran. The reason lies behind the fact that most of times in a year the region is cold enough to keep the snows even to the beginning of summer. In addition and unlike other resorts including Dizin, Darbandsar and other resorts, Alvares gives you the opportunity to enjoy a calm and uncrowded place, as well as a vast area to snowboard. There is no hustle and bustle on the track and you will take delight of the beauty of nature. There is a chairlift of 1250 meters to climb to the piste peak. Alvares ski resort also provides you with other amenities like including parking, lounges, motorcycles, children’s parks.

    If you would like to suit yourself with a full day of skiing as well as to relax in a hot water spring as an apres-ski activity, then Alvares ski resort might be a suitable destination to have both at the same time, as Sarein water spring stays completely close to you.

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